Alexandru Bogdan Pitesti

ABP / TFCOur History

Alexandru Bogdan-Pitesti Foundation was established in january 2002, in Pitesti, Arges county, Romania. The stated purpose of the foundation is the promotion of contemporary art, the incentive of interest for authentic aesthetic values, the preservation of the national cultural heritage.

The first Board of Directors comprised Marius Farmazon (gallery owner and art collector, Founding President), Virgil Poleacu (defunct art crtitic, Vicepresident) and Adrian Mahu (PhD Architect, Secretary).

Between 2002 and 2006, Alexandru Bogdan-Pitesti Foundation focused its activity on a local level, supporting artists from Pitesti. First, there was Camelia Darie’s personal exhibition of religious icons (2002); then Perspectives Salon – conceived by Marius Farmazon in order to offer schollarships to the Art Highschool students. Other initiatives: supporting both the launching of Art Highschool’s magazine in Pitesti and its activity (2003-2006); supporting the exhibition celebrating 35 years since the foundation of the first professional institution of Fine Arts in Arges county (2004). The financial support for local artists in Pitesti, especially by purchasing their works of art had an important role in the foundation activity.

In 2006, Dragos Farmazon takes over the executive board and begins the resettlement of the foundation’s policy by transposing the objectives from a local level to an national one.

Consequently, a series of exhibitions in Hunedoara, Cluj and Bucharest are taking place. In 2010, a major step for the Foundation consists in signing a cooperation protocol with the Romanian National Opera House according to which, between 2010 and 2011, Alexandru Bogdan-Pitesti Foundation coordinates a series of events inside the Opera, under the patronage of the Ministry of Culture.

Still in 2010, the Foundation Statute sets new objectives: supporting the writers, artists, art crtitics and art historians, the art experts and art valuers, promoting arts and literature, encouraging and sustaining the collection and the trade of works of art, protecting artists’ and writers’ copyright, offering consulting activities, organizing symposiums, conferences, colloquias, book releases, art camps, local and international exhibitions, granting awards and scholarships, founding memorial houses and museums, evaluating, rehabilitating and certificating cultural goods, editing and printing art catalogues, brochures, magazines and books, minting badges, coins and jubilee medals, organizing commercial activities and auctions as well. The foundation will ran its activity in its own spaces as well as on-line. Alexandru Bogdan-Pitesti Foundation adheres to UNESCO values and principles.

Till the end of 2013, more than 130 events were part of the foundation activity. During this time, the Foundation collaborated with more than a hundred artists, photographs, designers, musiciens. All this kind of events have a touch of syncretism, without being labeled just by the promotion of visual arts strictly.

At the beginning of 2014, the Foundation settles 3 new objectives :

1) Conceiving an on-line platform for promoting european contemporary art, designed to interlink producers, traders, art lovers and art collectors
2) Supporting cultural diversity, according to UNESCO Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity
3) Increasing the foundation awareness on a european level


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