Alexandru Bogdan Pitesti

ABP / TFCOur Mission

Starting 2014, the Foundation’s three main directions are :

1. Conceiving an on-line platform for promoting European modern and contemporary art, designed to interlink producers, traders, art lovers and art collectors
2. Supporting cultural diversity, according to UNESCO Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity
3. Increasing the foundation awareness on a European level

According to our challenging objectives, we aim to develop a way of reaching our target efficiently and at the same time to get the chance to go beyond expectations by delivering the experience that we’ve gathered over the years. In the search of a safe place to put our stories we came to the conclusion that our principles coincide with those of the World Wide Web: being up to date, being international, being active on a daily basis. We strongly believe that the Internet can be much more than a popular “space” for network dissemination, or basic info exchange.

Used properly, it can be a tool to change mentalities, to improve attitudes and determine good behavior. And we want to do that through culture. Because we think we can manage it carefully so it can be an amazing ground for art encounterings, cultural news and intellectual meetings. We have this ideal that we can make this revolutionary tool of the XXIst century even more revolutionary. We want that our Internet deliveries to be a fresh discovery every day.

This is the reason why, we decided that an important part of our resources to be concentrated on the development of Artosphere, a project that saw day light in November 2014 and hopefully will be publicly launched by the end of 2016 or at the beginning of 2017, the latest.

Even if all this time we focused almost entirely on developing Artosphere, we consider that, beginning with 2017, we will be able to get back to our event management activities, comprising the promotion of cultural events.

Our other current projects, Fluidity and Magmatique, are in the final stage of planning and and will be made public at the beginning of 2017.

Artosphere, Fluidity and Magmatique are all, in our opinion, strong projects that will help us fulfill our objectives and the direction of our development strategy. Thus, we want to prove we are an extremely active organization, assertive in its demarche: supporting, no matter the ways, the promotion of modern and contemporary art.


Hope to
see you soon.