Alexandru Bogdan-Pitești la biroul său, înconjurat de tablouri

Alexandru Bogdan-PiteștiWho Was He ?

The foundation bears the name of a renown poet, essayist, art critic and art collector in the inter-war period –
Alexandru Bogdan-Pitesti (1870-1922)

Educated in Geneva, he lives for a while in Paris. As a writer he gets close to the symbolist movement, as demonstrated by his correspondance with Joris-Karl Huysmans, Maurice Maeterlinck, Octave Mirbeau, Jean Moréas and Paul Verlaine. He publishes in various magazines like Le Figaro, Le Gaulois, Gil Blas, L’Intransigeant and La Libre Parole.

Back to Romania, he starts to support artists from his home country, getting involved into collecting. In 1896, he founds the Independent Salon, after the model of Independent Artists Society Salon in Paris. He is also in charge of hosting Joséphin Péladan in Bucharest (1898). He consolidates his fortune after the heritage of a land (Vlaici, Romania) where he organizes one of the first plain-air artcamps in Romania and, certainly, the most famous one. This is the place where the most important romanian artists of the time come to paint.

In the meantime, at his villa in Bucharest he constantly welcomes writers (Alexandru Macedonski, Tudor Arghezi, Mateiu Caragiale, Gala Galaction, George Bacovia, Ion Minulescu) and artists (Stefan Luchian, Arthur Verona, Iosif Iser, Jean. Al. Steriadi, Theodor Pallady, Camil Ressu, M.H.Maxy, Nicolae Darascu, Constantin Medrea, Dimitrie Paciurea, Maria Ciurdea Steurer, Oscar Han, Nicolae Tonitza, Ion Theodorescu-Sion, Friedrich Storck and Cecilia Cutescu-Storck, Marcel Janco), Constantin Brancusi beeing among his aquaintances.

In his memoires, the historian Alexandru Rosetti mentions that Al. Bogdan-Pitesti was having dinner, at that time, with more than a dosen of artists, at his place, every night.

He dies in 1922, in his house from Bucharest, because of a heart attack. He wishes that all his collection (between 1000 and 1500 works of art) would be part of the romanian national heritage in order to be part of a museum. Unfortunately, this never happened.

Alexandru Bogdan-Pitești la biroul său, înconjurat de tablouri
Alexandru Bogdan-Pitești la biroul său, înconjurat de tablouri

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